NextGen PAC Endorses Texas Ballot Proposition

NextGen PAC endorses Texas ‘Prop A’, also known as the San Antonio Justice Charter

Austin, TX – Today, NextGen PAC endorsed San Antonio Ballot Initiative Proposition A. This proposition, also known as the San Antonio Justice Charter, would decriminalize marijuana and abortion, ban “no knock” warrants and chokehold police tactics, implement a “cite and release” policy for non-violent low-level offenses, and create a Justice Director position to oversee the proper implementation and execution of Prop A policy.

NextGen is endorsing this ballot initiative because it addresses racial justice and promotes and protects civil rights and human dignity. This justice policy would ultimately reduce unnecessary arrests, mitigate racial bias, and save scarce public resources through a comprehensive set of reforms. As the largest, most diverse generation in America history, this ballot proposition represents young people’s vision for the future and can create a more just and equitable San Antonio.

“NextGen PAC is proud to endorse this ballot initiative in San Antonio ahead of the May 6 election,” NextGen PAC President Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez said. “Young people are fired up and using their voice like never before to defend their rights and protect their communities from extremist MAGA Republicans and their dangerous policies. Prop A is centered on justice and equity, and is exactly the type of policy young people are looking for their leaders to introduce and promote. NextGen is proud to encourage young San Antonionans to turnout and vote YES on Prop A, which builds a better community for all.”

In 2020, NextGen helped mobilize 1 in every 9 young voters who cast a ballot, leading to the largest youth voter turnout in history. Leading up to 2024, NextGen PAC is focused on empowering young voters to fight for a better future, this includes endorsing progressive candidates and ballot measures, among other activities.


About NextGen PAC
NextGen PAC’s mission is to empower young voters to engage in elections and ensure our government is responsive to the largest and most diverse generation in American history. We invite 18-to-35 year olds into our democracy to ensure our government works for them and to find new solutions to the dire challenges facing our country. NextGen PAC fights for a progressive future by growing and wielding the grassroots political power of young people on the ground and online.