NextGen PAC Endorses Over 20 Candidates for Virginia House and Senate races

Progressive youth vote organization endorses Democratic candidates for Virginia House and Senate

Richmond, VA – Today, NextGen PAC announced a wave of endorsements for a series of progressive candidates in the key battleground state of Virginia ahead of the 2023 election. These endorsements are a critical part of NextGen PAC’s efforts to mobilize thousands of young voters across the country in support of Democratic candidates in this election cycle and beyond.

Today’s endorsements include: SD-13 nominee Lashrecse Aird, SD-16 nominee Schuyler VanValkenburg, SD-22 incumbent Aaron Rouse, SD-24 incumbent Monty Mason, SD-27 nominee Joel Griffin, SD-29 incumbent Jeremy McPike, SD-30 nominee Danica Roem, SD-31 nominee Russet Perry, HD-20 incumbent Michelle Maldonado, HD-21 nominee Joshua Thomas, HD-22 nominee Travis Nembhard, HD-41 nominee Lily Franklin, HD-55 nominee Amy Laufer, HD-57 nominee Susanna Gibson, HD-58 incumbent Rodney Willett, HD-65 nominee Joshua Cole, HD-70 incumbent Shelly Simonds, HD-82 nominee Kimberly Pope Adams, HD-84 nominee Nadarius Clark, HD-94 nominee Phil Hernandez, and HD-97 nominee Michael Feggans.

“NextGen PAC is excited to endorse this slate of Democratic lawmakers ahead of Virginia’s coming House and Senate elections,” NextGen PAC President Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez said. “Young Virginians are overwhelmingly progressive and believe in leaders who will protect their rights, fight for our planet, and create a more equitable economy – and across the board, the lawmakers NextGen PAC is endorsing today are committed to this mission. Ahead of election day, NextGen PAC will be mobilizing and growing the voices of young people to protect our rights and turn out for these candidates.”

In 2020, NextGen PAC helped mobilize 1 in every 9 young voters who cast a ballot, leading to the largest youth voter turnout in history. Leading up to 2024, NextGen PAC is focused on empowering young voters to fight for a better future, this includes endorsing progressive candidates and ballot measures, among other activities.


About NextGen PAC

NextGen PAC’s mission is to empower young voters to engage in elections and ensure our government is responsive to the largest and most diverse generation in American history. We invite 18-to-35 year olds into our democracy to ensure our government works for them and to find new solutions to the dire challenges facing our country. NextGen PAC fights for a progressive future by growing and wielding the grassroots political power of young people on the ground and online.