NextGen PAC Endorses Barnes, Evers, La Follette, and Kaul Ahead of Wisconsin 2022 Midterm Elections

Progressive youth vote organization endorses Democratic candidates in Wisconsin 

Madison, WI — Today, NextGen PAC endorsed candidate Mandela Barnes for Senate. Ahead of the election this November, NextGen PAC will leverage its grassroots organizing infrastructure in Wisconsin by mobilizing thousands of young voters to defeat Republican incumbent Ron Johnson. Additional endorsements in the Badger State include Democratic gubernatorial incumbent Tony Evers, Democratic Secretary of State incumbent Doug La Follette, and Democratic Attorney General nominee Josh Kaul. 

NextGen PAC’s endorsement of Barnes is due to his commitment to protecting voting rights, expanding abortion access and care, ending the filibuster, and supporting LGBTQIA+ rights. Incumbent Senator Ron Johnson has launched an aggressive attack on Wisconsin’s civil liberties in the past ten years, and young voters know that Barnes is a leader who will truly represent and reflect their vision for the future. NextGen PAC has endorsed candidates Tony Evers, Doug La Foulette, and Josh Kaul due to similar stances on key issues. These lawmakers are the start to creating a more just and equitable Wisconsin for decades to come.

“NextGen PAC is proud to support progressives Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers, Doug La Foulette, and Josh Kaul ahead of Wisconsin’s midterm elections,” NextGen PAC President and Executive Director Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez said. “These candidates will fight to ensure our democracy reflects the values of the largest and most diverse generation in American history. We must stand up against MAGA-endorsed Republicans like Ron Johnson who wish to dissolve voting rights across the state, end abortion access, and attack LGBTQIA+ people’s basic rights. Young Wisconsinites turned out in record numbers in 2020 to elect progressives statewide and we will continue mobilizing to protect the progress we have made and build a stronger future.”

To keep Wisconsin blue, NextGen PAC will invest in organizers in communities and on campuses across the state to ensure young people are ready to turn out for Democrats up and down the ballot. In 2020, NextGen contributed to the highest youth voter turnout in history, reaching more than 10.5 million people across nearly a dozen states and motivating nearly 4.7 million to cast ballots in the November election. Across the country in 2020, NextGen reached one in every nine voters under 35 who cast a ballot.


About NextGen PAC

NextGen PAC’s mission is to empower young voters to engage in elections and ensure our government is responsive to the largest and most diverse generation in American history. We invite 18-to-35 year olds into our democracy to ensure our government works for them and to find new solutions to the dire challenges facing our country. NextGen PAC fights for a progressive future by growing and wielding the grassroots political power of young people on the ground and online.