Ad Campaign Launches to Motivate Young Progressive Voters Ahead of November Election

NextGen PAC announces six figure investment on new digital ads aimed at turning out young voters across Virginia

Richmond, VA — Today, NextGen PAC launched a new digital ad campaign to motivate young progressives in Virginia to vote in the November elections. The ads include a video series titled “Get Them Out” that will energize and mobilize young people ages 18 to 35 in 20 state legislative districts across the Commonwealth.

The ads will drive a clear and attention-grabbing message: Republicans in Virginia are invading our lives, trying to interfere in our medical decisions, dictating our romantic relationships, destroying our environment, and limiting our economic futures. The ad series highlights this awkward and inappropriate intrusion by showing Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin popping into scenes from the daily lives of young Virginians. The ads are united by a common call to action – get them out of ‘here’ by going to the voting booth.

“The countdown to election day is here, and we are making sure young folks understand the stakes of this year’s election,” NextGen PAC President Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez said. “In 2020 and 2021, Virginia made generational progress on just about every issue, from access to abortion, to addressing climate change, to expanding nondiscrimination laws and protecting workers. This November, all of that progress is at stake. If MAGA Republicans take total control of the state government, everyone knows what they will do. That’s why NextGen PAC is investing in young voters and uniting our voices for progressives across the state to create a future that respects, reflects, represents us.”

The ads will run on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat until Election Day to provide the most effective reach and layer touchpoints to the audience.

In 2020, NextGen PAC helped mobilize 1 in every 9 young voters who cast a ballot, leading to the largest youth voter turnout in history. Leading up to 2024, NextGen PAC is focused on empowering young voters to fight for a better future, this includes endorsing progressive candidates and ballot measures, among other activities.


About NextGen PAC

NextGen PAC’s mission is to empower young voters to engage in elections and ensure our government is responsive to the largest and most diverse generation in American history. We invite 18-to-35 year olds into our democracy to ensure our government works for them and to find new solutions to the dire challenges facing our country. NextGen PAC fights for a progressive future by growing and wielding the grassroots political power of young people on the ground and online.

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